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Death hunts her. Grief shatters her. But love can heal her. 


Haunted by the loss of her soulmate, Thea searches for a weapon of legends. A weapon that will stop her enemies once and for all. 


The Goddesses are gathering forces, readying for war. If Thea can unite the four kingdoms of Faerie and take back her throne, they might stand a chance. But she can’t lead the insurgence alone. 


Thea must learn to trust again—to love again—or risk losing the home she’s finally found in the epic finale of the Kingdoms of Faerie.


Perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas and Cassandra Clare, WINGS OF INSURGENCE is the epic finale to the magical young adult fantasy series, Kingdoms of Faerie. The series explores a world of magic, myth, and legend through the lens of a powerful heroine.

Wings of Insurgence: Kingdoms of Faerie Book IV

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