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Special edition includes a map of Faerie, a bookmark, dust jacket cover design, and is signed by the author!


About the book:


Death chose her for her blood. Fate chose her for her heart.


Eighteen-year-old Thea’s fate is sealed whether she likes it or not. Magic, a prophecy, and a handsome Fae guardian are determined to place her on the throne of a land she never knew existed. But her father has a different plan, a plan that sets a vengeful goddess free.
Kieran swore an oath to protect his kingdom and his princess; he just never knew it’d be this difficult. While darkness spreads across the four kingdoms of Faerie, he must train Thea to master the volatile magic coursing through her veins and prepare her for the war lurking on their horizon. But all magic comes at a price.
As Thea uncovers the truth about her past, prophecies unfold, and a choice arises that could change the kingdom’s fate forever. She will do whatever it takes to save her new home and the one she loves—even if the cost is her heart.

Hardcover: Wings of Fate (Kingdoms of Faerie Book 1)

  • If book arrives damaged, returns will be accepted with proof of damage and book will be replaced. Otherwise, there are no returns or refunds on signed copies.

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